How to Get Construction to Start on Time : Part 2

The Checklist Manifesto A strong preconstruction process guided by the Rafn Preconstruction Checklist and Schedule is the best way to start a project on the right foot. Our previous article highlighted the importance of tracking the preconstruction process with a schedule, the same way we do once…

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Spotlight : Murals at Flourish on Rainier

A Symphony of Local Artistry Unveiled through Murals In the heart of the Rainier Valley, the community has witnessed the creation of a new apartment complex named Flourish on Rainier. What makes this development truly special is the infusion of local art, as four artists have brought their talents…

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Byrd Barr Place : From Community Engagement to Outstanding Stewardship

On September 28, 2023, Historic Seattle awarded Byrd Barr Place its Outstanding Stewardship Award for their efforts in restoring historic Fire Station #23 as their permanent home. In 2020, the organization was given the Historic Firehouse #23 after operating there since 1968. Rafn and SHKS…

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Dimensioning For Success : Part 3

Designing and constructing a building is a complex undertaking. Designers draw hundreds of pages to convey their vision. Contractors bring that vision to life. Sometimes, however, it doesn't go as smoothly as everyone would like and dimensioning is one area where improvements can benefit the entire…

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