National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week

Complicated Historic renovation projects often do not happen without Tax Credit assistance to developers.

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Replumbing the Historic Stimson-Green Mansion

Built in 1901, the mansion is a designated Seattle Landmark, is on the Washington Heritage Register, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Seismic : Benefits of Integrated Delivery

Seismic improvements to an existing building tend to be complicated projects.

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Embracing Your Chimney & Leashing Your Gargoyle

Now in a seismic event, passersby do not have to fear attacks from gargoyles leaping off their perches... and come to think of it... did we really ever know what mischief they caused at night?

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Renovation for Energy Savings

Seismic Retrofits often include mandated energy performance improvements and sometimes provide the opportunity for unrecognized voluntary upgrades as well.

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