Rafn Report : Q2 2024

Rafn's Roundup of Interesting News in Commercial Real Estate as well as a Little Shameless Self-Promotion

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Rafn's New President & COO and 4th Generation of Leadership

The Rafn Company is proud to announce that Chip Gregory has been promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer, completing the company's transition to its fourth generation of leadership.

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RFI's : Are Fewer Better?

It is not uncommon to be asked about how many RFI’s (Request For Information forms) we had on our last project. I never know if the questioner is hoping for a small number or a large one.  My view is that RFI’s are essential and necessary part of the construction process.

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What Should You Look for in a Solid Safety Plan?

Whether you are a developer, an owner’s rep or a consultant you know how important safety is on a construction site.

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A General Contractor's Role in Site Selection : Renovation and Tenant Improvements

As a General Contractor that does primarily negotiated work, we often find ourselves helping clients select their next space.

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Counterpart : Jered vs. Jen

This edition of Counterpart pits two young, up-and-comers against one another to decide the future of the construction industry.

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How to Get Construction to Start on Time : Part 2

A strong preconstruction process guided by the Rafn Preconstruction Checklist and Schedule is the best way to start a project on the right foot.

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Spotlight : Murals at Flourish on Rainier

What makes this development truly special is the infusion of local art, as four artists have brought their talents to paint several stunning murals that now adorn the building and tell a unique story of the community's spirit and diversity. They are Ari Glass, Barry Johnson, Craig Cundiff, and Che Sehyun.

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Byrd Barr Place : From Community Engagement to Outstanding Stewardship

On September 28, 2023, Historic Seattle awarded Byrd Barr Place its Outstanding Stewardship Award for their efforts in restoring historic Fire Station #23 as their permanent home.

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