Dimensioning For Success : Part 3

There are all kinds of information and numbers on a set of plans. Usually, most dimensions provided are framing to framing.

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Fill us in Phil : Green Lake North Apartments Episode 04

Episode 04 : Concrete Footings, Walls, Columns, Slabs, and Decks

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How to Get Construction to Start on Time : Part 1

In construction, "Time is Money" and saving both are essential for project owners and developers. Once a project is under construction, its success is measured by two statements: "on time" & "on budget."

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Counterpart : Todd vs. Todd

This edition of Counterpart pits two long-time Rafn Superintendents against each other. Who better to compare Todd to than Todd? And as you will read, these two have more similarities than most!

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Spotlight : Seattle City Light Energy Funding Opportunities

Save cost and increase energy efficiency?? Sounds too good to be true, but Seattle City Light is offering a variety of rebates for installing efficient systems in just about every type of building, new and old, commercial and residential.

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Dimensioning For Success : Part 2

In part two, we will start our deep dives into specific areas of the building. As we are a contractor, this discussion will follow the construction sequence: excavation, foundation, framing, interior, and exterior.

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Spotlight : Preserving Old Fire Station #23 for Byrd Barr Place

This Place’s Spring 2022 issue featured an informative Donor Focus article by SHKS Architects recounting the history of Seattle’s Fire Station #23 and describing the mission and services of Byrd Barr Place who own the building.

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Dimensioning For Success : Part 1

Designing and constructing a building is a complex undertaking. Designers draw hundreds of pages to convey their vision. Contractors are experts at bringing that vision to life.

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Fill us in Phil : Green Lake North Apartments Episode 03

Episode 03 : Tiebacks, Rakers, and Mass Excavation

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