Save cost and increase energy efficiency??

Sounds too good to be true, but Seattle City Light is offering a variety of rebates for installing efficient systems in just about every type of building, new and old, commercial and residential.

Seattle City Light has been a major partner and funder in the Housing Development Consortium’s Exemplary Building Task Force to help increase energy efficiency in affordable housing projects. However, all projects are eligible to apply for these rebates.

Project-Specific Funding Agreements

Multi-Family New Construction: Seattle City Light doesn’t currently have an energy-modeling-based funding program, but they plan to launch one in 2023. Projects with Built Smart applications before 01/01/2023 are eligible for funding under the old Built Smart programs. Contact Seattle City Light to sign up a project under the future program or check the funding status for an existing project in a previous program.

Retrofit: Seattle City Light offers funding for multi-family retrofit projects.

How to Contact Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light Contacts:
– General (all topics related to Seattle City Light funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy): SCL Energy Advisor ((email: text:
– Multi-Family New Construction: Phoebe Warren ((email: text: / (tel: 2066843795 text: 206-684-3795)).
– Multi-Family Retrofit: Lisa Espinosa ((email: text: / (tel: 2063861148 text: 206-386-1148)).
– New Construction – New Program Development: Patrick Campbell ((email: text: / (tel: 2067339080 text: 206-733-9080)).

City Light Energy Efficiency Programs for Multi-Family buildings including on-line application forms and fact sheets:
Seattle City Light Multi-family Building Energy Solutions

Other Funding Sources

Homewise offers generous funding for energy upgrades to eligible low-income housing, supported by funding from Seattle City Light.

Midstream funding programs: In the past couple of years, Seattle City Light has shifted some energy efficiency funding — particularly for heat pumps and lighting — to distributors. Contact your contractors and distributors for information. These programs intend to support energy efficiency while minimizing the required paperwork.