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The Rafn Team

When people come to work with us, they tend to stick around. And we’re proud of that. It communicates our ability to attract, retain, and develop top talent, and be a home for excellence.

We care. We care about the owner, the architect, the subs, everyone we are involved with we treat as partners, not a service. We care about the quality, the aesthetics, the long term viability. We care about our own people.

Current Rafn Employee

Calm and Collected

We want clients and industry partners to remember us for our top-quality work. But we also want to be remembered for the way we do it, removing stress from the process and creating a focused work environment. When we’re on the job, we’re calm, deliberate, and measured, no matter what’s thrown at us. No bravado, no fire drills, just quiet competence. (And sure, a little fun once in a while doesn’t hurt.)

Our Culture