Our Name is Our Word

The Rafn name has stood to represent an unspoken guarantee for decades. Being a partner requires trust, commitment, and a dedicated spirit. We’ve built our careers by living these virtues every single day. When we commit to a project, we put our name on it as a promise to deliver.


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Building Together

Every project is a meeting of different groups, priorities, and points of view. So we believe in collaboration as a key pillar for success. We do this intuitively: we listen to every voice, take the time to digest it, and work together to find a way forward.

Their (Rafn) crew was trusting of the design team’s intent while also excellent at both asking clarifying questions and brainstorming solutions to complex details. What was already a fascinating and rewarding project was made even more memorable by working with such a capable and collaborative construction team.

Andreas Baatz Architectural Designer / SKHS Architects

I was not only impressed with their professionalism and dedication, but also their attention to detail was outstanding.

The team treated the project as if it were their own, holding each of their subs to the highest standard and managing the budget with the owner’s interest in mind.

Tom Addy Director of Building Operations / AMLI Residential

Focused on safety, Rafn built strong relationships with residents and staff, using strong communication tools, provided regular schedule updates, and educated the residents about the construction progress.

Andrew Phillips Associate / SMR Architects

Good People. Great Work.

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