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Rafn Company values the relationships we have developed. Because of this, we are selective about the subcontractors and suppliers we choose to partner with on our projects. We look forward to having you join our team!

Subcontractor Prequalification Form

If you are a subcontractor or supplier that runs a professional operation striving for continuous improvement, please complete this form.

Prequalification Form

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Please submit your sample insurance certificate, company safety plan, and a sample site specific safety plan along with your completed Subcontractor & Supplier Prequalification Form for review.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding preparation of your safety plans or the application form, please feel free to contact us at 425-702-6600.

Subcontractor Form

Maximum file size: 10MB

Current Subcontractors

Use this link to submit billing, print SubApps, view payment status, review and provide insurance information, and view compliance items that may be necessary for payment.

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