How to Get Construction to Start on Time

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail In construction, "Time is Money" and saving both are essential for project owners and developers. Once a project is under construction, its success is measured by two statements: "on time" & "on budget." However, in many cases,…

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Spotlight : Seattle City Light Energy Funding Opportunities

Save cost and increase energy efficiency?? Sounds too good to be true, but Seattle City Light is offering a variety of rebates for installing efficient systems in just about every type of building, new and old, commercial and residential. Seattle City Light has been a major partner and funder in…

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Dimensioning For Success : Part 2

Designing and constructing a building is a complex undertaking. Designers draw hundreds of pages to convey their vision. Contractors are experts at bringing that vision to life. But sometimes it doesn't go as smoothly as everyone would like and dimensioning is one area that we think improvements…

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Preserving Old Fire Station #23 for Byrd Barr Place

This article originally appeared in the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation's "This Place" Magazine, Fall 2022 issue. This Place’s Spring 2022 issue featured an informative Donor Focus article by SHKS Architects recounting the history of Seattle’s Fire Station #23 and describing the…

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