A Symphony of Local Artistry Unveiled through Murals

In the heart of the Rainier Valley, the community has witnessed the creation of a new apartment complex named Flourish on Rainier.

What makes this development truly special is the infusion of local art, as four artists have brought their talents to paint several stunning murals that now adorn the building and tell a unique story of the community’s spirit and diversity. They are Ari Glass, Barry Johnson, Craig Cundiff, and Che Sehyun.

The project owner and developer, Bellwether Housing, understands the importance of community and local culture. To bring a touch of authenticity to the project, Bellwether invited four local artists to collaborate on creating murals that would capture the essence of the Rainier Valley. This collaborative spirit reflects the community’s diversity and showcases the power of artistic collaboration in bringing people together.


Flourish on Rainier is not just a new apartment complex; it's a canvas that reflects the soul of Rainier Valley.

The murals Ari, Barry, Craig, and Che created are not merely decorative additions but meaningful expressions of the community’s identity. As the project nears completion, Flourish on Rainier stands as a testament to the power of art in fostering connection, celebrating diversity, and creating a space where everyone can truly flourish.

Ari Glass: https://www.ari.art/

Barry Johnson: https://www.barryjohnson.co/

Craig Cundiff: https://www.craigcundiffmurals.com/

Che Sehyun: https://www.chesehyun.com/