Rafn has long been a supporter of King County initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability within the built environment.

During a recent happy hour discussion on Renovation and the difficulty of making the cost side of the equation work out for voluntary seismic improvements, Elly Bunzendahl of O’Brien 360 shared the roll-out of a program that through involvement with Shiftzero, O’Brien360 helped shepherd into existence, the King County C-PACER Program “…an innovative financing mechanism to help commercial, industrial, agricultural and multi-family buildings become more efficient and resilient.”

King County is currently soliciting public input at publicinput.com/C-PACER

Elly said, “Hopefully once the County adopts it, other jurisdictions around the state will follow suit. One of the details that excites me most about this program is that the “R” for resilience (compared to traditional PACE financing in other states) opens up the opportunity for stormwater, seismic, and other resilience work, which helps to lump in typically longer-term payback items with shorter-term items (energy, water, renewables), making renovations more comprehensive and impactful, in addition to financially viable.”

We agree completely and agreed to share the news with our clients and partners.