Nearing completion in Bellevue’s new Spring District, AMLI Residential’s newest luxury apartment project is a masterpiece. Designed by GGLO and featuring 204 units, extensive amenities, LEED for Homes certification (anticipated), and a central location near a future light rail station, this building is set to be a hit with potential tenants. As work on the building finishes under COVID19 safety protocols our project tour is going 100% virtual (please drag the images to look around / click on the pushpins for points of interest). We hope you enjoy.

STOP 1 : NW Building Exterior from 120th Avenue

Welcome to AMLI Spring District Apartments. Access to the project site is currently only allowed from this side so that all workers enter through one gate (with staggered starts while maintaining a safe distance from one another) for their daily COVID19 wellness check. To help maintain COVID19 social distancing protocols for workers, the stairways at each end of the building are designated for “UP” traffic and the stairways in the middle of the building are designated “DOWN”.

STOP 2 : South Courtyard

Taking the stairs up at the South end of the building we follow the L1 Corridor to the South Courtyard which features a pathway through an irrigated landscape feature then transitions to a paver patio that opens to 121st Avenue NE looking East. In addition to the normal Personal Protective Equipment worn on a construction site, all workers are now required to wear face masks and gloves at all times to minimize the threat of COVID19.

STOP 3 : Building Exterior from 121st Avenue

Stepping across 121st Avenue we look back on the East facade of the building to see retail spaces at street level and the resident lobby entrance. This facade is a vibrant mix of light and dark brick on the first 3 levels for visual separation with rich colored siding and blue painted metal accents around the windows above to bring back continuity.

STOP 4 : Unit 404

Re-entering the building and taking the stairs or elevator to the fourth floor, we enter unit 404 which is a three-bedroom apartment at the North end of the building that has views looking West to downtown Bellevue. Units on this level (and all even numbered levels) have the “light” color scheme with white upper cabinets and light brown lower cabinets. Note the blue tape on the walls used to mark spots requiring touchup as part of our “punchlist process”.

STOP 5 : Unit 516

Moving up a floor, unit 516 is a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the building that looks East over the Spring District community park. Units on this level (and all odd numbered levels) have the “dark” color scheme with matching dark brown lower and upper cabinets.

STOP 6 : Cloud Lounge – Community Room

Up another floor to Level 6 brings us to the Cloud Lounge which features a kitchen and private dining room with views to the East over the new Spring District neighborhood. The flooring is European Oak tongue and groove hardwood floors. Look around the corner for the Grand Staircase up to the Sky Deck.

STOP 7 : Sky Deck – Rooftop Amenity Space

The corner of the Cloud Lounge features a staircase that takes us to the rooftop amenity space featuring an extensive paver deck (with inlayed paver checkerboard), pet area, BBQ’s, outdoor TV, and a chalkboard, all with spectacular views of Bellevue an beyond in every direction.

STOP 8 : North Courtyard

Back down to level 1, we head through the main building lobby and exit out onto the North Courtyard which features a net seating area, cedar benches, and an outdoor TV, as well as several private patios for residential units. Carpenters are currently working on wood seating areas on top of the poured in place concrete landscaping walls.

STOP 9 : Level 1 Corridor

Coming inside from the North Courtyard and passing through the L1 corridor, we arrive at the top of the “lantern” staircase that connects L1 (street level on the East side of the building) with P2 (street level on the West side of the building). The stairs also pass the massive fitness room, maker space, music studio, and pet wash on level P1. Continuing down the stairs takes us back to the project site entry point.

STOP 10 : SW Building Exterior from 120th Avenue

Crossing 120th Avenue NE and walking to the South end of the project allows us to see the elevation change from 120th up to 121st Avenue on the East side of the building as well as a landscape crew putting the finishing touches on the South end of the building. This angle also highlights the 7 townhouses on the South side of the building facing 120th.


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