Bordered by the iconic University and Fremont districts, the active and family-residential focused neighborhood of Wallingford is welcoming a new multi-housing complex.

Two buildings – North and South – will be comprised of 231 high-end market-rate units over 1.5 levels of underground parking. Unit configurations include studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as 22 live/work units at street level.


See the project here.

STOP 1 : Corner of N. 34th Street and Burke Avenue N

The community strongly influenced the developer’s approach to this project. With AMLI Residential, they envisioned an aesthetically pleasing building that offered its communal areas to the public, allowing fellow neighborhood residents to experience the benefits of the project. For the North building, community input moved the entrance from the East to the West side. And for the South building, the center courtyard gained a public entrance from 34th Ave; offering an open feel and guiding visitors past the plaza’s green roof into the main courtyard. This places them below the multi-level bridge linking the East and West towers. Other community input led to the implementation of public-park areas and an exterior steel stair.

STOP 2 : South Building Main Entrance

Entering through the East tower of the South building, this main entrance area highlights the advanced architecture of the project. Heavy Timber glulam beams and columns support four stories of wood framing above while adding aesthetic value to the frequently visited entrance area. Located near the parking entrance and the elevator lobby, this area also includes a spacious mail room for convenience to all South building residents. The south side of the entrance is dedicated to amenity space: bicycle storage racks, two kayak storage closets, and a general repair shop. The design and development of this entrance was heavily influenced by all members of the project team.

STOP 3 : Level 1 Interior Hallway

Despite the extensive exterior site-work performed, the significantly sloping site resulted in intermediate floors on levels 2-5. Several transitions and steps make this structure unique, while the seamless joining of the two towers makes it appear as one coheasive building.

STOP 4 : Interior Courtyard

Looking into a unit from the courtyard, the high ceilings and spacious feel of the building is noticeable. Natural light glows from the courtyard and windows while construction continues on this high-end market-rate multi-family apartment project.

STOP 5 : Unit 546

Once reaching the fifth and highest floor, the tour progresses through generous two-bedroom units, complete with several windows showcasing the beautiful views of Lake Union and the Seattle skyline. A rooftop garden, including a dog-walk area, will be located above the east tower units. Other amenities within the East tower include a dog wash room and a yoga room.

STOP 6 : Unit 533 Deck

Looking across 34th Street from the decks, construction of project’s North building is easily viewed from this vantage point. The North building has steel beams at the level 1 and 2 floor that support a 4 foot cantilever that wraps around both towers. This adds an architectural interest while supporting the 2 levels of housing and roof deck above. Construction of the buildings is staggered, with the South building about 4 months ahead of the North building’s schedule. Currently, the North building is being framed with rough-in of plumbing and electrical following below.