The Parker Apartments

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Bellwether Housing
  • Architect: None
  • Photos: William Wright

The Parker Apartments building was built in 1966 and purchased by Bellwether Housing in 2012. Rafn was initially hired to do a quick “make ready” of the building and units for rental. Phase 2 of the project, a year later, was to complete the renovation of the building.

The 50 unit building was occupied during the renovation and was completed in 6 phases with occupants moving to jump units during construction.

Our work included:

  • Complete re-roof
  • Renovated decks including structure, coating, and railings
  • New patio doors and new windows
  • Entry area flooring and storefront glazing*
  • LED Lighting in laundry room and common areas*
  • New LED parking garage lighting and insulation
  • Unit flooring
  • Unit kitchen cabinet hardware and paint
  • Unit kitchen faucets, sinks, counter tops, appliances, and hood fans
  • Occupancy censored bath exhaust / whole-house ventilation
  • Hot water heaters and low-flow shower heads*
  • New LED lighting in units
  • Repair and correction of west elevation water intrusion*
  • Landscape upgrade including hardscape, site fixtures, and planting
  • New irrigation metering system*

The biggest success of this project was working closely with the owner to find cost saving options which allowed them to add in additional scope (denoted with asterisks above) throughout the project with the savings.

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