Hazel Plaza Apartments

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Capitol Hill Housing
  • Architect: Environmental Works
  • Photos: William Wright Photography

Rafn completed a substantial renovation encompassing 16 units throughout two buildings while they were fully occupied. To accomplish this, we provided residents with a “jump unit” during the day while we worked on their unit, then had them back into their unit each night. We completed the work in 5 phases (3 units at a time).

Our interior scope of work included new kitchens, bathroom cabinets, plumbing fixtures (except for tubs), and lighting fixtures. Kitchens included new dishwashers and range hoods. All units received new window wraps due to the replacing all the windows. Many units received new door packages, hot water tanks, and tub surrounds and all vinyl was replaced. All kitchens and baths were painted and we installed new blinds throughout. The project also included voluntary seismic upgrades.

On the exterior, both buildings received new windows, siding, gutters and downspouts, and new paint. We also removed and replaced the south building’s roof. We created a scaffold bridge to connect the work areas of the two buildings to minimize our disruption to the common courtyard between buildings while exterior siding and roofing work took place.

Between the buildings we constructed a new mailbox kiosk, added privacy fencing, replaced a fence along the property line and refreshed the landscaping. We also added new exterior lighting, switching, and assisted with heat pump relocations.

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