Denny Park Apartments

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Year: 2005
  • Client: Low Income Housing Institute
  • Architect: Runberg Architects
  • Photos: William Wright Photography

Denny Park Apartments consists of 50 units of low-income housing that adhere to Seattle’s SeaGreen Affordable Housing guidelines for creating affordable sustainable housing. The building is situated to maximize daylight exposure and reduce dependence on electricity for light.

Other green features include stormwater conservation and the use of low-maintenance and drought resistant landscaping. Throughout construction, Rafn found ways to conserve or recycle materials including wood, cardboard, wall board, carpet and carpet pad to reduce the amount of waste. Glass cullet was used for drainage and backfill, reducing the need for gravel.

Denny Park has many features and systems not typically seen in low-income housing due to the costs involved – such as a metal roof, 50-year exterior siding, and a hydronic heating system.

The 54,510 sf building is five levels of wood framing over one level of sub-grade parking. The first floor is devoted to retail space. This project was awarded the AIA “Show You’re Green Award” for excellence in affordable green housing.

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