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Every project is a meeting of different groups, priorities, and points of view.

So we believe in collaboration as a key pillar for success. We do this intuitively: we listen to every voice, take the time to digest it, and work together to find a way forward. We regard everyone, from clients to subcontractors, as part of our team. And everyone internally, from senior management down, is here to help.

We set the bar high in everything we do, from work process to client relationships, because we believe in the power of being proud of our work.

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Our knowledge base stays with the company. In fact, it grows over time: part of what we love about our tenured staff is seeing what the next generation will accomplish in the years ahead.

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Rafn showed leadership, expertise, patience, professionalism, and great resolve in getting this, sometimes overwhelming, dream to reality. We were very blessed by their work ethic and diligence.

Steve Bury Executive Director / Urban Impact

The entire Rafn team is the best I had worked with over the years, and an organization you should be proud of.

Mark Evans President / AMLI Development Company

A team of long-standing construction experts

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What it means to be driven by quality.

It means we’re paying attention to the little details everywhere, from meticulous pre-construction to an eye-catching final product.

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