Boeing IMAX Theater

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Pacific Science Center
  • Architect: N/A
  • Photos: Sean Airhart

This 15 week project included a complete interior renovation of the 373 seat Boeing IMAX theater at Pacific Science Center. In addition to IMAX projection, seating, screen, and sound system installation, Rafn is proud of the theatrical lighting system implemented with this project. Both the lighting and fire alarm system are mounted on a maneuverable truss design. Capable of lowering from the 6 story ceiling level, this engineering expedites future maintenance processes for said equipment.

The renovated theater boasts Washington’s largest screen (6 stories tall) and is the first science center in the country to adopt IMAX’s new digital laser projection system. Although placing the screen was a challenge demanding the help of many Rafn employees, this project was completed on time for the premier of the Avengers movie.

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