Construction Industry Associations Offer Leadership Development Opportunities

Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization” with synonyms including guidance, direction, management, superintendence, and supervision. But how do you gain leadership experience and skill before you have a group to lead? Can you develop proficiency in gui…

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Using Drones to Survey Existing Conditions

On a current project in downtown Seattle now undergoing repairs to a 10 story concrete façade, the initial conundrum was to determine the most economical method for the structural engineer to inspect and document the existing conditions. After looking at the costs of two swing stage drops or a …

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Ground Improvement Using Rammed Aggregate Piers

You walk out onto the construction site where a large excavator is beginning to dig down for a new building foundation. You’ve worn tall rubber boots, but a nervous feeling sets in as you begin to sink in the mud. If this site can’t even support your weight, how will it ever support the weight of the…

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How City Policy Contributes to Energy Efficient Buildings

Though we may take different paths to get there, we are all headed toward the same goal: reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment as we build for the future. In this article we will look at how Brussels, Belgium, Vancouver, Canada, and Seattle have implemented code changes to promote…

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Solar In Seattle

The 2015 Seattle Energy Code mandates the use of on-site solar infrastructure for buildings or additions over 5,000 square feet of gross conditioned floor area. This mandate can be found in code section C411 - Renewable Energy. The code allows for either photovoltaic systems, i.e. electrical…

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