Maintaining Safe Access to the Varsity Inn Restaurant

Our current mixed-use apartment project in Wallingford is going up on two sides of the Varsity Inn, a local restaurant fixture of the neighborhood. As part of our project, we are restoring the quarter mile of streets and sidewalks surrounding our project, including those surrounding the Varsity…

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Achieving Punch List Zero

Inbox Zero was introduced by productivity expert Merlin Mann in 2006 and the concept centers around eradicating the problem of email overload. The solution revolves around the idea of “processing our messages and converting them into appropriate action as quickly as possible”. The result is an emp…

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The Checklist Solution

In Atul Gawande's article in the New York Times, The Checklist, he talks about the complexity of modern medicine and how everything must go correctly for a positive outcome. "The degree of difficulty in any one of these steps is substantial. Then you must add the difficulties of orchestrating…

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Construction Labor Shortage

The current construction boom shows no signs of slowing down so contractors must be enjoying the ride, right? Well yes, but contractors still face a major challenge in the form of a shortage of skilled labor. An article from Builder states that "construction job openings [have] reach[ed] [an]…

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Craftsmanship in the Modern Construction Industry

Does craftsmanship matter any longer in a world of technology, automation, and single-use products? It depends on what outcome you would like. "Craft and quality were replaced by scientific manufacturing that predictably produced thousands of identical products at repeatable levels of…

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