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Security House Apartments Renovation Articles
Security House is in the heart of Belltown with 128 fully occupied units for seniors seeking affordable housing. The 14 story building offers upgraded one bedroom units in a thriving downtown location, conveniently located within walking distance of Pike Place Market, shopping, and major Metro lines servicing downtown and surrounding areas. Rafn has completed several projects on the site since Housing Resources Group purchased the building in 2001. Recently Rafn Company completely overclad all fourteen stories of the West and South elevations.

What makes this project noteworthy is that every aspect represents a unique approach to solving this building's unique challenges. The project, if performed as a traditional design-bid-build project would have been ripe for change orders and delay claims. Instead, by working as a team and completing the critical work in-house, Rafn was able to complete the project on time and with significant savings to the client.

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What is a Construction Company made of?

By Shawn Rhode, Rafn Company President and COO

What area holds the highest value to the company?

Over the last few years I have been asked these questions several times. Every time I provide the answer, I see a look of disappointment as if they were expecting a much more glamorous answer. But the truth is, there really isn't much to it.

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Project Spotlight: 21 Acres Center Building

Rafn is currently providing construction management services for the construction of the 21 Acres Center building in Woodinville. Rafn has worked closely with 21 Acres to maximize the value of their funding and shepherd the vast array of specialty contractors towards an integrated delivery of the project.

The aim of 21 Acres and the building's mission is to demonstrate new energy and water conservation technology in commercial and residential buildings. The 21 Acres Center building will include retail space for the sale of local organic foods, a community kitchen, and classroom space available to the public. It is envisioned as a community venue for education on farming, sustainable living, and energy and water saving systems; tools that the community can use in their own homes to make a positive difference in the environment.

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Rafn Supports YouthCare's 26th Annual Luncheon

By Kay Wilson, Rafn Company Project Manager

Rafn hosted a table at the YouthCare 26th Annual Luncheon on March 22nd. The luncheon raised over $440,000 to support YouthCare services to get homeless youth off the streets and help them prepare for life. YouthCare has seen almost double the number of the kids on the streets in the last two years and unfortunately they are expecting that number to double again this year because of the poor economy increasing the number of stressed families.

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Historic Seattle's 2011 Renovation Fair

By Mike Harnden, Rafn Company Superintendent

Rafn had the pleasure of participating at Historic Seattle's Renovation Fair on Saturday, April 9, at the historic Washington Hall Building. This is the very building that Historic Seattle hired Rafn to repair and make habitable over the last year, with future plans of restoring it to its original glory.

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Rafn Tidbits of Information

Recently Completed Projects

Rose Street Apartments
4 story mixed use building with artist's lofts and commercial space at street level and 71 low-income residential units above

Super Supplements
5,400 square foot retail build-out
on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle

Garden Center Building
Renovation and envelope improvements
to the historic Garden Center Building
at Pike Place Market, home of
Beecher's Cheese and Sur La Table.

Recent Anniversaries

Elden Elliott - 20 yrs
Steve Stroming - 20 yrs
Tim Lewis - 18 yrs
Ryan Meno - 13 yrs
Tim Wahl - 13 yrs
Jason Miller - 11 yrs
Rich Lyons - 10 yrs
Ray Lebario - 10 yrs
Michael Stalker - 5 yrs
Kay Wilson - 5 yrs
Kevin Rowe - 5 yrs
Hailu Soreta - 1 yr

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