Spotlight : Murals at Flourish on Rainier

A Symphony of Local Artistry Unveiled through Murals In the heart of the Rainier Valley, the community has witnessed the creation of a new apartment complex named Flourish on Rainier. What makes this development truly special is the infusion of local art, as four artists have brought their talents…

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Spotlight : Seattle City Light Energy Funding Opportunities

Save cost and increase energy efficiency?? Sounds too good to be true, but Seattle City Light is offering a variety of rebates for installing efficient systems in just about every type of building, new and old, commercial and residential. Seattle City Light has been a major partner and funder in…

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Spotlight : PLUSH NRW Housing Efforts

We wanted to share some of the excellent progress made at the Bellevue City Council meeting on July 5th regarding our "Next Right Work" housing efforts. First, please click here for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce's PLUSH Committee (Permitting, Land Use, Sustainability, and Housing)…

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Spotlight : C-PACER - A New Financing Option for Renovations

Rafn has long been a supporter of King County initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability within the built environment. During a recent happy hour discussion on Renovation and the difficulty of making the cost side of the equation work out for voluntary seismic improvements, Elly Bunzendahl of…

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Spotlight : BISNOW - Reduce Your Click to Knock

I attended BISNOW's presentation titled "How Will Industrial Real Estate Evolve? Innovation, Technology & The New Trends Shaping The Industry" that had speakers from the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area who discussed industrial real estate and how the market is reinventing or finding a…

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