Seismic : Benefits of Integrated Delivery

Seismic improvements to an existing building tend to be complicated projects. The seismic fix itself may merely be the proverbial "tip of the iceberg" for a more involving project. Implementing a fix can be a technical challenge, but what is unique to this type of work is that the access…

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Embracing Your Chimney & Leashing Your Gargoyle

Embracing Your Chimney Masonry chimneys are an endangered species. The weaker have been toppled over the years by earthquakes or have been dismantled to avoid that very hazard. Modern heating systems do not require them, and where a chimney or venting is needed there are easier solutions to…

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Renovation for Energy Savings

Seismic Retrofits often include mandated energy performance improvements and sometimes provide the opportunity for unrecognized voluntary upgrades as well. Bethany Presbyterian on Queen Anne Hill provides examples for both. This Neo- Gothic church was constructed in 1929, and was of course not…

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