Mass Timber - Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Mass timber is experiencing a renaissance. Thanks to innovative technology, the old post and beam URM’s in Pioneer Square are being replaced by a newer framing style that consists of using small wood members to form larger solid wood formations to construct walls, floors, and roof systems. C…

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Working to Accomplish the Diversity Goals of a Project

At Rafn we recognize the need for a strong outreach effort when it comes to identifying subcontractor partners for our projects. When project goals include robust diversity goals, that outreach becomes a crucial part of the successful project. Maximizing diversity is best done using a targeted…

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Spotlight : C-PACER - A New Financing Option for Renovations

Rafn has long been a supporter of King County initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability within the built environment. During a recent happy hour discussion on Renovation and the difficulty of making the cost side of the equation work out for voluntary seismic improvements, Elly Bunzendahl of…

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