The Lean Methodology of Project Scheduling

Lean scheduling is a way to combat delays and “firefighting” with careful, collaborative planning that ultimately increases efficiency and reduces waste. Delays and “firefighting” may seem like a typical part of the construction process – but it doesn’t have to be that way. PLAN A key difference between Lea…

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Client Spotlight : Denise Louis Education Center

Rafn is excited to be able to support the Denise Louis Education Center (DLEC) and their mission to provide multicultural early learning and family support services to Seattle’s low-income, immigrant and refugee communities. As part of our current project, the Mercy Magnuson Place, we are also b…

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Fab Labs : How to Make (almost) Anything

I have been interested in FabLabs for a number of years and am writing to share what they are, my perception of their potential, and why I support and help fund them. Fab Labs, short for fabrication laboratory, offer shared access to digital fabrication tools and prototyping machines, including 3D…

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