Industry Associations

At Rafn we love being involved in our industry associations as it keeps us up to speed with what's going on in our industry and affords us the opportunity to influence the market conditions we work in. We also benefit from participating in the industry associations of our clients so we can serve…

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Rafn's Latest and Greatest Product Reviews

Here are 3 products that we have recently used or will be using on our projects that we think are interesting. Each was created and used in response to a need in the marketplace, whether for convenience, safety, or ease of installation. FlameBlock Fire Rated OSB Sheathing By Gregg George, Rafn…

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Enforcing ADA Standards Part 2 : Hotspots

A few months ago we wrote about enforcement of accessibility standards and how a design and construction team must work together starting from the beginning of a project to make sure the building is in compliance. We also identified several hotspots that require special attention that we will…

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AIA Building Envelope Forum Recap

"Buildings are like mountain climbers: In order to remain comfortable and survive through varying climate conditions one needs to control temperature and moisture through control of one's exterior envelope. This quote was from Dan Whitmore (Hammer and Hand) at the recent AIA Building Envelope…

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