What Do Bank Architects Do?

Most people think architects sit at a drafting table, listen to classical music and draw things. That is kind of like believing bankers sit behind a big desk, listen to jazz and wait for people to borrow money. As a young visitor to the office recently answered, "I know, Architects design…

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Seismic : Benefits of Integrated Delivery

Seismic improvements to an existing building tend to be complicated projects. The seismic fix itself may merely be the proverbial "tip of the iceberg" for a more involving project. Implementing a fix can be a technical challenge, but what is unique to this type of work is that the access…

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Project Tour : AMLI Wallingford South Building

Bordered by the iconic University and Fremont districts, the active and family-residential focused neighborhood of Wallingford is welcoming a new multi-housing complex. Two buildings - North and South - will be comprised of 231 high-end market-rate units over 1.5 levels of underground parking. Unit…

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Aerogel is a material that's been around since the 1930's but is now showing promise as an energy saving, high tech material, with applications in various industries including construction. By definition it is "an open-celled, mesoporous, solid foam that is composed of a network of…

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Enforcing ADA Standards

Over the last few years the construction industry's view toward accessibility has gone through substantial changes. The rules, for the most part, have gone unchanged for decades. What is new is the level of enforcement. Typical architectural detailing, construction practices, and acceptable…

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