Building Envelopes Part Three : Occupied Facilities

Our first article in this series on building envelopes discussed four main considerations as to the repair or replacement of building components. Our second article focused on the details of construction as well as the logistical issues of putting the work in place. This third and final article…

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Renovation for Energy Savings

Seismic Retrofits often include mandated energy performance improvements and sometimes provide the opportunity for unrecognized voluntary upgrades as well. Bethany Presbyterian on Queen Anne Hill provides examples for both. This Neo- Gothic church was constructed in 1929, and was of course not…

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BIM Part Two : BIM for Ease of Construction

Visual Scheduling Visual scheduling may be useful for presenting the general sequence of building construction to an owner during a preconstruction meeting. In visual scheduling, you assign a model item to a schedule task and create an animation of the construction sequence. Clash Detection For…

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Hidden Underground

Taking the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square should be on every visitor to Seattle's list of things to do. It is fascinating to see how the city has evolved and grown up, and over, it's original beginnings. Pioneer Square isn't the only place with secrets hidden below. The rest of Seattle, and…

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