Maximizing Feedback from Customers

In our last issue you got to hear from one of our favorite business associates, Ann Amati. She shared a bit about how her unique approach provides a different level of customer feedback than a check the box survey. In this issue, I thought I would share a bit on the next step... what do we do with…

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Drying Out A Building During Construction

Wood is one of nature’s best building materials; sustainable, renewable, strong, and it grows on trees! But wood-framed structures, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, will invariably encounter rain before the building has its roof, windows, and siding on. To continue construction inside the b…

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The Latest on Lead

The Rafn Company was founded on renovation work and it still is a major focus of ours today. Safety on renovation projects is not only related to putting work in place, but also to the existing materials on site including lead, asbestos, and other hazardous materials. Recently, 18 members of Rafn’s c…

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Customer Feedback That Delivers “Ah-ha” Moments

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think “customer feedback” is “customer survey.” While a check-box survey will give you data, it’s not the right approach for a company that manages only a few (or a few dozen) important relationships per year. Check-box surveys are designed to produce f…

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Project Tour : Green Lake Apartments

The Green Lake Apartments building is at 5th Ave NE and NE 71st Street in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood. The 130 unit mixed-use building contains 2 levels of underground parking, 1 floor of retail at street level, and 5 floors of market rate housing above. Construction is on schedule and is t…

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