Partner Profile - Jim Cary of Cardinal Architecture

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Cary, Principal at Cardinal Architecture, for the last 8 years while here at Rafn Company. In that amount of time, I can tell you that the skillset is wide, and the knowledge is vast at Cardinal Architecture. In addition to sharing more about his…

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Mass Timber - Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Mass timber is experiencing a renaissance. Thanks to innovative technology, the old post and beam URM’s in Pioneer Square are being replaced by a newer framing style that consists of using small wood members to form larger solid wood formations to construct walls, floors, and roof systems. C…

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Working to Accomplish the Diversity Goals of a Project

At Rafn we recognize the need for a strong outreach effort when it comes to identifying subcontractor partners for our projects. When project goals include robust diversity goals, that outreach becomes a crucial part of the successful project. Maximizing diversity is best done using a targeted…

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Spotlight : C-PACER - A New Financing Option for Renovations

Rafn has long been a supporter of King County initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability within the built environment. During a recent happy hour discussion on Renovation and the difficulty of making the cost side of the equation work out for voluntary seismic improvements, Elly Bunzendahl of…

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Fill us in Phil : Greenwood Apartments 12/2020

Episode 04 : All about Gypsum Concrete Flooring Prep Great flooring in an apartment building starts with pouring gypsum concrete throughout the building. In Episode 04 of Fill us in Phil, Senior Superintendent Phil Wheeler discusses the process and its many benefits at our Greenwood Apartments…

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