Customer Feedback That Delivers “Ah-ha” Moments

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think “customer feedback” is “customer survey.” While a check-box survey will give you data, it’s not the right approach for a company that manages only a few (or a few dozen) important relationships per year. Check-box surveys are designed to produce f…

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Project Tour : Green Lake Apartments

The Green Lake Apartments building is at 5th Ave NE and NE 71st Street in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood. The 130 unit mixed-use building contains 2 levels of underground parking, 1 floor of retail at street level, and 5 floors of market rate housing above. Construction is on schedule and is t…

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Spotlight : The Women of Rafn

Over the years women have taken on more and more roles and responsibilities that were once dominated by men. Most people think that there really is no gender barrier in this modern age. We see women CEO's, women serving in high ranking capacities in the military, and we are even on the brink of the…

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Recruiting for the Future

The Rafn Company is looking for a few good recruits to join our team. To see what we love about Rafn, check out our new Recruitment Video. Are you looking for a change? Are you looking for a great organization to work for? Rafn Company is a truly great place to work! Our culture is relaxed and…

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Another Looming Industry Shortage - Leaders

The construction industry has gotten a lot of attention for its focus on training the craft workers necessary to replace the more than 17 percent of the workforce that will retire over the next five years. Equally important is the need to train the industry's future leaders. Company leaders are…

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