Using Drones to Survey Existing Conditions

  • Steve Stroming
  • Project Executive
  • Rafn Company

On a current project in downtown Seattle now undergoing repairs to a 10 story concrete façade, the initial conundrum was to determine the most economical method for the structural engineer to inspect and document the existing conditions.

After looking at the costs of two swing stage drops or a supersized boom lift, along with the associated costs of alley closures and traffic control for both; the most cost effective approach was to utilize the professional licensed services of the drone company RYKA-UAS.

The structural engineer was also present with the drone pilot, so as to direct the pilot to areas of particular interest. The final deliverable was a super high resolution map of the façade. This allowed the structural engineer to then write up detailed repair procedures to address the found conditions and Rafn the necessary information to provide an accurate repair budget to the Owner.

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